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Your When Is Now-Your life to live

If not now when? I hear it all the time, “I will be happy when I lose wieght, win the lottery, find the one”.  Why are you waiting for something or someone to save you?  This is the question you should ask yourself. Your life is your life, not anybody else’s. So what do you want to be known for? What will be on your gravestone at the end? And what will you regret not doing?  All of these and more are people like myself ask every day. You see it everywhere the sign that says live, love, and laugh, well are you?  People think they are because they don’t realize that they are stuck on the treadmill of life. Time to get unstuck. It’s time to live, love, and laugh fully and completely with all of your soul.  What is your fear?

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10 thoughts on “Your When Is Now-Your life to live

  1. Very inspiring I must say and I completely agree life is for living so why not live it the best that you can. The present moment is all we’ve got so why not stay positive and the live the life that you want to live. I love what you said about the treadmill of life, we all seem to be running on that with jobs we hate!

    1. Thank you Josh.  It’s purely exhausted running on the treadmill of life and getting no where fast.  We have a choice, we don’t HAVE to do anything but live.  What will you be proud of doing ?

  2. This is so true…but doesn’t make it any less hard to live how you really want to live. We’ve been brought up and conditioned to act and think a certain way and breaking away from that is scary. My biggest fears are rooted in safety and security. For example, quitting my job to travel the world on a dime budget is my dream but it really is terrifying.

    1. Thank you Katie.  No it will still be hard, life wasn’t meant to be easy.  If everything was easy then we wouldn’t learn and grow.  I agree fully with being conditioned but not all of us go with the grain.  Think for yourself and be brazen.  Fears are something I will talk about in another post, some are healthy and some are unhealthy.  Do you have any regrets?

  3. Hello 1VibrantLife,

    Very inspirational! This is why I’m working extra hard on building an online business for myself right now.

    #1. I am still young
    #2. I want to live a better life
    #3. I like educating people when I learn something new
    #4. I have time
    #5. I am willing to make sacrifices.

    Thanks for this great article to remind myself why I am doing what I am doing.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Thank you Eric.  I’m working extra hard too.  I need to live a better life.  I want my daughter to have the best education and see the world.  Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Hello Candice! I like your minimalist website. 🙂 This very short message about doing it now really resonates with me. It’s true – if it feels right, it is the right time. No point waiting til the cows come home or when our stars aligned. Thanks for this wake-up call. It really is time for me to do what I feel great about!

    1. Thank you Lilywong.  Sometime short and sweet is all you need.  I like to avoid information overload when possible.  What are your dreams?

  5. Great post that is full of truth. The time to live is now. This post inspires me to work harder. I recently quit my job because I was just so sick of feeling like I was stuck. Always working 80 hour weeks, never seeing my friends and family. I was never truly awake. Always feeling hazy, zombified. Since quitting though, I feel like I have regained my consciousness again, I feel like I am here, and now I am ready to take over the world.

    1. Jacob, congrats on quitting the grind.  I have no idea how anyone can work 80 hours a week, I’ve done half that and felt exhausted. Enjoy life and experience all it’s wonder.  Welcome to the awakened world.  I’m so happy to read your comment.  I appreciate you.

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