What Will It Take To Motivate You?


I know everyone’s heard the phrase “sick and tired of being sick and tired” and felt this more than a few times in their lives.  So, my question to you is, what will it take to motivate you?  This can apply to a variety of areas in your life, business, personal, relationships, financial, friendships etc. I’ve been in shitsville a time or two.  When are you going to be done taking the shit and stop being the victim?


I know thousands of people that can’t tolerate working for a boss and wish they were entrepreneurs but keep making excuses and staying in the career that leads to nowhere.  I know lots of people stuck in relationships that are toxic but again they have excuses.  There has to be a point in your life when you are just done.  If you haven’t hit that point, you will.


I’ve hit this point a few times when the path I’m on no longer serves me.  In a world that has an increasing economy and sky rocketing living costs, how can you stay in a career with no advancement and little to no raise in pay?  You can’t.  How about your relationships?  Are they toxic, unhealthy, dangerous, stale, or non-existent?  If you have evolved and your partner refuses to evolve with you or compromise, something may have to change.


My most recent motivator was hitting 40.  OMG, I dreaded it and I took stock of my life and found it to be less than desirable.  I felt I was going nowhere fast and if I didn’t do something about it, I would be miserable forever.  Unlike colleagues of mine whom wish to stay in their career and not take a risk, I just can’t live like that.  My motivation is my family and the life I want to create for us.  We were renting a small half a house, I worked in a career that harmed me mentally and physically, no chance of promotions or raise no matter how much work I performed.  I needed to get out.


I started college a few months prior to my 40th birthday, started drinking coffee and wore funny socks just to say to hell with what the world thinks of me.  All the job searching in the world did nothing since everything I had an interest in needs a degree.  I thought of what I would like to do and what I am by nature.  I have always wanted to help people and heal them, so I decided to go for Alternative Medicine and hope it allows me to be a Nutritionist.  Close but no cigar, I would need more schooling, bummer.  It gives me knowledge I didn’t have before, a chance for a better career and opened my eyes showing me how strong and intelligent I am.

Here’s a few things to consider.


  1. Write it down. Think about your life right now as is. What isn’t working for you?  What is working?  What would you change if you could?  Are you frustrated with work?  Are you stressed in a relationship?  Are you forcing things to work because you don’t know another way?  This will take time to contemplate so make sure you have a day off where you can sit and relax.
  2. Create a plan. Now that you think you have it figured out, where to start.  What can you do to change?  Do you have goals in mind for the next year or two?  One thing I know for certain, one decision can impact your entire life. Research and research some more.  Know what you are getting into.  Do you need a college degree?  How long will it take?  Lay out the steps you need to create the life you want.  It’s ok to take baby steps, change is scary.
  3. Take Action. Go to college.  Start that savings.  Start a business.  Meet new friends.  Join a group of people with the same goals and interests in mind.  Get off your ass and get it done, no more excuses and bullshit.

You deserve a better life, a fulfilling one, and dreams do come true.  I have everything I always wanted and now it’s time to sit back and live.  I want the best for you.  Tell me what will it take to motivate you.  I want to hear your stories, drop me a comment.


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