What If I Could


Let’s play the what if game in a different way. Most of us play the negative what if game with regrets in our past, that’s a waste of time and energy. We can’t change the past because it’s gone. We have today and a way to shape the future. What if I could travel the world, give to charity, pay off all debt, find my soul mate, buy any car I want, etc. You get to fill in the blank.

Put your fears aside and run wild. It’s your time to be brazen. Think outside of your box and dare to dream. Living brazen can mean wearing red when everyone hates it but you. It’s about being your own person, not following the crowd. Just because it seems like everyone is doing something doesn’t mean you have to.

Maybe you want to help out the less fortunate, teach kids, listen to an elder’s stories or learn to fly a plane. These are ideas I hear from people I know personally. I play the game of what if I could win the lottery and give back to the hospital, help out my mother, pay off debts and renovate my house.

I want to hear your what if story.

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