That’s Not Fair

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That’s not fair but I want it.


“That’s not fair” is the battle cry of the snowflakes. No shit Sherlock, life isn’t fair. Grow up and learn to handle it like an adult. We are not toddlers hearing “no” for the first time. Life is full of disappointments and excitement. People that have never said no to you and told you what you want to hear are enablers. They should be taught a lesson too.

I am guilty of having said it once or twice in my past and my husband is happy to remind me of the truth of life. I have one theory, that it stems from only child households as well as liberal parenting. Parents are not there to let the child get away with everything, they don’t learn the hard lessons and by the time they are adults it’s way harder to accept. Reality issues?

How many people do you know that drink and do drugs to escape reality because it’s not fair? I know several. Yes I am being harsh for a reason, this isn’t fantasy land, life is what you make it. If you can’t handle it then I suggest getting tougher and thinking smarter to deal with your obstacles. Failure will happen and it will help you grow, learn and survive. Of course it will be exhausting at times, take a day off and rest, recharge and hit the road again.

Need therapy? Don’t we all. I refused it for years until I caved and gave it a try. It wasn’t at all what I expected and come to find out, I was smarter than the therapist. That wasn’t putting him down to say he was an idiot but I’ve done tons of mental work and I needed a bit of help through the rest. I’ve seen one or two after that and they all ask why I’m there, I know how to handle this situation. Seeing a professional doesn’t mean you are crazy, you just need to talk to someone outside of your circle for a different point of view.

I have noticed that every time someone doesn’t get what they want or told the right thing (in their mind) that they get childish and mean. If you want to have a tantrum, take it to your room. Nobody wants to witness you making an ass out of yourself. I was told growing up that I won’t always get what I want, well apparently not everyone was raised as well as I. That’s not fair that I was not raised in a rich household and given everything I wanted but then I wouldn’t know hardships. Hardships make you a more compassionate person.

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