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We all want to make positive impressions, whether it be for a potential employer, lover, general public, family, etc. There are positive ways and negative ways to be noticed in the world. I can say first hand that most people are getting negative attention. It is difficult to be unique on the outside but what matters is what’s on the inside. I’ll tell you, the people that make the biggest impression on me are those who wear nice clothes, groomed well, have manners, are polite, kind and are not drowning in cheap perfume or cologne.

Tattoos, spiked hair, piercings, colorful hair, excessive make-up has all been done over and over again and I think to myself that you are a rebel. You are rebelling against a boring, drone looking society where too many look identical. I have tattoos and my ears are pierced twice but I can hide the tattoos to work in almost any industry. People often do things for attention, whether they call it vanity or standing out from the crowd.

Many people color their hair vibrantly so to stick out from the crowd, well it works but is it positive? The response I hear is “I don’t want to be like everyone else”. Ok but you are, thousands are doing this very same rainbow bright hair style and often it’s appalling. Thousands of people are wearing cut-off jeans, crop tops, bright nails, etc. No physical look is truly unique anymore. Freedom of expression is healthy but you have to understand that it isn’t accepted everywhere.

In the corporate world, you are expected to have a certain appearance as you represent the professionalism in which you work. Suits, dress shirts, ties, dresses, trousers, dress jacket, dress shoes, and black socks are typical attire. With luck your company will afford you a wardrobe allowance where you can purchase nicely made business clothes on their dime as a perk. Dressing in this manner with proper grooming will certainly get you noticed in a positive way.

I understand this is one type of industry and there are many, may this be your example. I am not a corporate fat cat, nor have I ever been or ever wish to be. I have worked with the public for 24 years and have seen it all. Companies usually have a dress code and may make a uniform mandatory. If this is not what resonates with you, consider switching industries or becoming self-employed. Even entrepreneurs will have a dress code depending on their chosen path. First impressions are made in 30 seconds or less, they have sized you up and judged you without your knowledge. This is quick and can be stressful. Presenting yourself to the world in a positive way shows that you have pride in yourself.

There is a reason why videos circulate the web about ‘the people of walmart’. Come on people, this is disgusting and nobody wants to see it. If you want to be a freak, stay home. Clearly you stopped caring or you like negative attention. Seek therapy. I’ve come to realize that people can be awful creatures. It is not fashionable to have your pants half down your ass, unless you’re in jail and like it in the rear. If you are going to show everything you’ve got, why wear clothes? I am in no way prude but I have the decency to cover up what doesn’t need to be shown to the public. If I looked like a model I would still dress with class.

I will share a story with you. Our daughter had heart surgery in 2015 around Christmas time. The staff was helpful and professional, the surgeons were excellent at saving her life and explaining the details of the surgery. The entire department was attentive even though the cafeteria food is less than desirable. A few generous donations were given to all the children in PICU and CCU. Well the one donation was a Italian leather backpack worth more than $500. Volunteers stopped by often to play with her and the whole experience was super. Our only wish was for our baby girl to survive the surgery. The experience has left a lasting impression on our lives and we have vowed to give back.

Creating positive impressions is more than looking good. Be kind, be generous, be you at your best. When I say be generous, this doesn’t always mean financially. Be generous with your time, your attention, your compliments and if you can, with your money. Your personality should be genuine and this is what makes you truly unique. I appear ordinary, nothing about me would interpret anything unusual but when I speak, people notice that I am certainly not like the rest of the women out there.

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