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Negative office politics exists in almost every job.  Everyone has at least one co-worker who is a b*tch or a$$hole.  I’ve dealt with one for several years, always in my business with suggestions or arranging my desk.  No matter how well you deal with it, they want to cause you trouble.   Well I can tell you from the experience that most bosses don’t care, to them it’s just more drama.  It’s way worse when the head minion is your boss. Drama, gossip, harassment, lies, and other ‘traps’ they set can get their a$$ in trouble and you can sit back with a smile.  Here’s some tips:

  1. Stay private and quiet: My mother used to tell me to stay out of office politics, but I had to learn the hard way. Give them nothing to gossip about and nothing to tell the boss regarding your job duties.  Talking to your co-workers is fine if it is business related.  Keep your private life private, it gives them less ammo to use against you.  Keeping quiet allows you to listen and observe them.  You never know when you may need to defend yourself against the lies.
  2. Journal: Keep a journal of the activity especially if it’s suspicious or against you.  There’s a saying, “if it ain’t documented, it never happened”.  Keep it secured and never at work, encrypt it if you have to.
  3. Allies: All you need is one good ally.  Create trust over time.  You will know who it will be by your observation of co-workers.  Build a solid rapport with this person.  Trust me, it can save your job.  I have one and he’s an angel.
  4. Be your best professional: Professionalism is hard and stressful sometimes. If you work with the public, keep professional, common courtesy conversations, short and sweet.  Customers talk and they will talk to your co-workers.  If you feel you are going to break, walk away, find a restroom or talk a walk.
  5. Every manager has a boss: I’m always willing to go above your head when you don’t get your sh*t done.  If you have to follow the ‘chain of command’, do so with documentation in hand and your ally.  Word of mouth does little, action speaks louder.  Human resources can help in certain circumstances and they answer to someone too.  Make your case count.
  6. Quit: It’s not the end of the world. There are lots of opportunities out there.  The sun will still rise, you will still be alive and yes, the bills will still come in the mail.  Try to have a plan B before you leave the job you hate.  Have you sent out your resume?  Is it even updated?  Most of us know that we hate the job way before we leave so start the backup plan.

I can hear it now, the excuses, the whining, the so-called logical reasons….  Are you done yet??  Guess what people?  This is my back up plan, my new start in life.  I have a full-time job that I hate and wish I left years ago.  I have reasons like everyone else and I still get up and go there while I do this to build my new life.  I never said this sh*t would be easy, grow up, own it and conquer it.

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4 thoughts on “Negative Office Politics

  1. I never seen a more truthful post. It is so many hidden agendas and egos that goes within the office, its toxic. I don’t think these tips apply just to the office though, they can work for any job. Whether you work in the office or do construction on the streets. It’s politics everywhere. I love the tip about quitting. People tend to forget it’s not the end of the end of the world if they quit or lose a job. Just got to dust yourself off and look for a new one. Great article, I am definitely going to share this on facebook.

    1. Thank you so much Garrett.  Yes it does apply to all jobs, I had many and they all had the same bull.  Great minds think alike and keep each other sane.  Thanks for sharing this on facebook!

  2. Hello Candice,

    I love your article! It’s interesting and relatable as if we are like minded.
    I am a freelancer now but used to work in a company. Like your first point, I totally agree that we should stay lowkey especially during the first year or so. It takes time to understand and see the true colors of a person, so you will never know who is your foe! Plus, most people, including those that eventually become your enemies, would treat you well at the start. Everyone is friendly at the start!
    In addition, I personally find it difficult to make friends at work. Eventually, there will be a conflict of interests and it is tricky to maintain a friendship and your professionalism at the same time.
    And surely, pick happiness over your job anytime. When I was in my previous company, I tear every day when I commute to work. That was when I know it is time for me to quit. I was doing my best and my boss was happy with me. But I was not happy working there. I left and became a freelancer. It is not easy to find my own clients but I am definitely happier than before.

    1. Thank you Zhuang.  It’s more important to be happy than to have money.  I was harrassed for many years and although I can’t change it, I can get out.  Working for yourself gives you to power to control your life and find what makes you happy and fulfilled.

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