My Story

The who and why of it all.  My name is Candice and I’m brazen.  I am also the proud owner of Badass & Beautiful Wellness where I am your wellness coach, ready to kick your ass into gear.  I get told so often that I learned to own it. I grew up being taught how to be independent and it’s a good thing too.  I always envied my older sister who married a good man that became successful in life.  She had nice clothes, cars, jewelry, a home and two beautiful kids.  She got to be like my mom, stay at home and take care of everyone.  It’s so weird to me now why I would rely on anyone else to make my dreams come true.  I got married knowing I would never have her life but never expected the challenges given to me as they were.  My husband lost a great job after our disable daughter turned 6 months old, we lost the Jeep, our cell phones, TV, nearly got evicted and had bill collectors calling 8 x a day.  I was the sole supporter, wow, wtf!  It took a few years to stop blaming others and to get over myself.  Our daughter is our hero.

My experience comes from life and the obstacles that get thrown on you.  Don’t think for one minute that it gets easier and you can sit back to enjoy the ride.  The strong get stronger by surviving the storm.  Our daughter recently underwent her 7th surgery and has been seen by a few more specialist.  The medicine schedule alone has been exhausting, plus the eating schedule, homeschooling, cleaning the house, working on the business and trying to devote 100% to her.  I’ve been through a lot, I know everyone has their story to tell.  Your past doesn’t define you and you have the power to create the future you want.

Challenges are given to see how well you survive and if will you evolve.  I am superwoman, I take care of my family’s needs and working on the wants.  I work a full time job, building an entrepreneurship, college graduat, full time mom and wife.  Yes I’m still sane, I think.  Oh and we home school our daughter too.  Nobody will rescue you but you.  This was a hard lesson for me and I have taken charge of my life.  Don’t just be the hero in your story, be the owner and be proud!