It’s Your Responsibility

Be responsible


Messing up is part of life but own it. It’s your responsibility, take care of for your own shit. Don’t go around blaming everyone else because you fucked up, got lazy, procrastinated or whatever excuse you can come up. I’m sure I am not the only one to tell you that “procrastination on your part does not necessitate an emergency on my part”. Excuses are just that and like telling a lie, most people see right through it. If you’re pissed off, walk away, go home, don’t start an argument with the person who could help you if you were calm. I tell people if they are pissed, don’t leave the house. Driving mad is dangerous because you don’t care in the state of mind, been there and done that. The universal law of attraction will be in full force giving you more shit to be pissed about.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Your Responsibility

  1. Hi Candice

    You have a very direct way of talking but I must say that I do agree with what you have said in this article.

    Short and sharp and to the point.

    Let the emotions subside before you decide (to act).

    What strategies do you use to calm yourself down ?

    1. Thank you Roy.  Life is too short to beat around the bush.  I vent to someone I can trust, I yell outside to get the energy out of me.  I walk away when I feel I’m going to snap, I have to, I lack a filter and patience in my 9-5 job.  People get very good at learning how to push your buttons and I get a select few that irritate the crap out of me.  To be perfectly honest with you Roy, I feel best letting that person know they are a jerk.  I bottled my frustrations and stress for years and gotten very sick over it, they are not worth my health.

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