It’s The Small Things In Life


Big gifts, fancy clothes, fast cars, etc. are wonderful and all but do they really matter? We walk about our life without a second thought, too busy with work, family, obligations, sports, business deals and of course our fabulous selves. It’s the smalls things in life that matter most. The generous friend that has always been your rock. The sweetest pet in the world. A stranger holding the door open for you. The family member that isn’t afraid to say Merry Christmas. The moment your child’s eye light up when they see snow falling.

It’s up to you on whether those small things will brighten your day or darken it. Yes I know, not all small things are wondrous and great. Some small things really got under my skin and drove me insane too. That’s as far as I’m going on the dark end of this. Today I want to lighten the mood a bit and help remind you of memorable small things that I hope are in your life.

The simple phone call from someone close to you that you have not spoken to in awhile to say hello or happy birthday. A card in the mail wishing you well if you’ve been sick. A stranger’s good morning that is so cheery it makes you smile even when you are mad as a hell cat. A dear to my heart security guard once made my day by making me laugh when I was in a rotten mood. I never forgot him.

With the holidays upon us, we are all scrambling for the perfect gift. Perhaps bigger and better than last year. Some may be stressing over how they can afford it this year. The holidays come with stress but it can be reduced. This season is about family and being together, not the value of a gift. Try remember the small things and see how creative you can get. Personally I can’t wait to get the create your own card kit in the mail. Homemade from the heart is priceless and a great way to bond with the kids.

I want to hear your stories. What small moments have stuck with you? Do you do small things just because? You never know how much they may mean to someone else.

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5 thoughts on “It’s The Small Things In Life

  1. It’s the small things that count I always say. I live for the simple things. The kind exchanges or laughter with a stranger in the street. When my husband brings me seeds that’ll flower year after year rather than dying cut flowers. It’s nice to be known so well!

  2. What an excellent reminder! Very timely for the Thanksgiving season and always. My dad always used to say “enjoy the moment.” It’s a small phrase that constantly reminds me to be present in everything that I’m doing and with everyone who is around me.

  3. Hello,

    Sometimes people need the small thing, like you said the security guard who made you laugh, or like Lace’s comment about her husband knowing her so well. To me Those are the things that make the world rotate and gives us that much more reason to push on. SOME people really need those small things and it would be fantastic if there were more people in the world who could provide them. I really enjoyed reading your post. Thank you sincerely.

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