It Is Merry Christmas Not Happy Holidays

Lit up Christmas tree
A Christmas Tree


I look forward to this season every year. What I don’t look forward to is being told I can’t say Merry Christmas because someone will get offended. TOUGH SHIT! It is Merry Christmas not happy holidays. If anyone should be upset over Christmas it’s us pagans. Yule is the winter solstice and the Catholic church stole it then claimed us to be evil. Scammers much?

Almost every store you go into the workers are forced to say happy holidays as to not offend anyone. It doesn’t work, people will still get offended because they are ridiculous and have nothing better to do with themselves. Why do you care if someone is offended by what you say? Why would you have to censor yourself because of others? Why would you be responsible for their feelings? YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYONE BUT YOU.

I am clear? You don’t have to like everyone or everything they do. Of course if you are not comfortable speaking out and being you because it will cause confrontation then continue. I refuse to be anyone other then me. Life is too short to cater to the likes of those who care for nothing but their own selfishness. It is not self-righteous to speak your mind, you are a free person. If you lose friends over this revolution then they aren’t true friends. I have a few friends that accept me and think like me and will not apologize to anyone.

I heard about a guy a few years ago that would go to stores, banks, and offices to listen for any worker playing Christmas music and report them. He was Jewish and found it offensive that a worker whom was or was not christian, listened to Christmas songs on the radio. Seriously?? I would have told him to kiss my ass. Who gives him the right to impose on another’s beliefs? I was raised catholic and if I knew the person was Jewish, I’d wish them a Happy Hanukah. I was taught to respect others and if I was unsure what the person celebrated, I asked.

Are you sick and tired of hearing happy holidays too?  Leave a comment below.

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