How To Be Of Service To Others

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It’s December, this year has flown by like so many others. Have you thought of doing something different this year? I know I’m not the only one that has a little extra time on their hands. This subject should be thought of more often but we tend to be reminded to give to others at the holiday season. I’m here to give you some ideas on how to be of service to others.

You may think it makes it much easier to give when you have lots of money, I’ve always thought the same and when you really think about it, it’s an excuse. Time is something that is more precious than money, something we all have but waste foolishly. I may have told you that I have a few relatives with more money than me that have sent beautiful gifts to us. Not that I don’t appreciate it but I would value time with them more. Sometimes that is the best gift you can give, you and your time.

If this is something that has sat on the back burner of your mind for some time now, take action and if you choose something that simply can’t be done by this holiday then you make it a priority for the next one. You will get joy out of it that will last a lifetime. There is no price for happiness like that. They say the best things in life are free and the memories you create are what you will be remembered for. Be generous and leave a mark of happiness in this world.

Inspired? Let’s Get Started.

If you’ve ever been in the situation of need and felt the generosity of others, then you understand how much it means to help. There are so many organizations that are available and looking for volunteers. When I talk about more than volunteering some money, I mean being involved yourself.

You can make arrangements with a nursing home facility to visit with the elderly, listen to their stories, sing them a song, bring them goodies or something else that means a lot to you. There are too many people that are alone in this world of 7 billion people and that is sad. Nobody should be alone especially at the holidays. If there are children’s hospital near you, see about volunteering, it really means a lot to the kids that stay there. I know, my daughter has spent too much time in the children’s hospital in our area, the volunteers are always there with activities to keep her busy and happy.

Are you a good cook? How about meal prepping? Here’s a thought that you may like. If you’ve driven through any city, you see homeless people on the corners with a sign asking for food or money. Although I personally don’t give them money, I have given them food and water. Unless you know this person, if it’s a friend or relative, I wouldn’t recommend having them over to your house as a safety concern. Of course you can volunteer at local churches, soup kitchens, shelters, etc.

Do you have a relative or friend that is too busy to clean their house, drop off laundry, run errands because they have a business or several jobs just to pay the bills and can’t afford a service? Offer to help them out. Better yet, if you know already they are having a hectic day, and you are able, surprise them. I’m sure they would be delighted to have one less thing to do.

Photography is a gift many people have, why not take a holiday photo or do business head shots for a friend? I can say the same for painters and other artists. My husband made a beautiful pentagram for me out of stones and shells for my birthday one year, I love it. My daughter paints pictures of us together that I display in my office. I know not everyone is gifted but that shouldn’t stop you from giving. I’m sure you have a talent even if it’s just listening, we all need someone to talk to when we are stressed. The holidays can be ridiculously stressful. In fact, my friend won’t put up her tree, decorate the house or buy gifts because it stresses her out and reminds her of all the money she has to spend. It’s not about the money, I hope I can inspire some of you to realize the true meaning of the holidays.

Family and friends are here with you now, they may not be next year or tomorrow. Don’t worry about what others think of you. This isn’t about you doing something in order to receive something. This is about making another person smile, helping them, listening, making a difference.

More Money Than Time? Optional Suggestions

Choose a charity that will give as much donated funds to the cause. Do the research and select wisely. Purchase merchandise for people that are in need such as coats, dishes, shoes, a used car, a gift card for groceries, etc. Give gift cards to random people in a card, they help in a pinch.

Pay it forward. Pay for someone’s gas, meal, coffee or bill. Buying unusual gifts is a unique way of helping out. Say you know a person that have a passion for cooking but isn’t good at it and can’t afford classes, most supermarkets offer them for a cheap price. How about paying for a cleaning service for the holidays, none of us love cleaning up after a party or before the in-laws come for a visit. If you are a boss with a small company, why not have a party catered with a holiday bonus for all employees and maybe a Santa for their kids.

At this time of the year with 80% of people living paycheck to paycheck, we miss payments on bills in order to have a holiday with the family and give gifts. So anything that you can do to help someone else, is a gift that will not be soon forgotten. I would love to hear your suggestions on this topic, if you like this post please share.

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