Gratitude for Depression


Depression is a mental state of mind and can accompany anxiety or any other mental state.  Depression varies from person to person.  Your environment, your genetics, your food, your social circle can all take its toll on your mental state of mine.  How do I know?  I have suffered with it for almost 30 years.  I first noticed it when I was 13 and I had a fight with my dad and I spent hours crying and begging god to take me.  Of course, I look back and I’m like hormones much.  My depression can go away for a long time and then hit me.  Most of the time it’s mild but I have a dark spiral of negativity and anger.  I’m sure you’re asking so what’s with the title?  Gratitude for depression, is learning what came out of your depression that makes you a better, stronger person.  I am grateful for my strength and compassion for others.


Over the years I have gotten strong enough to fend it off well and get through the shit.  I have had friends that suffered from depression and knew they could call me day or night for anything.  I am married to an army veteran and I see the depression in his eyes but his is much different than mine.  We both find gratitude every day.  What has your depression taught you?  My number 1 gratitude moment is and always has been watching the sun rise.  Find yours.  In the spirit of the season, may you find gratitude for your depression and many other times.

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