Easy Ways To Make Money From Home

It’s become more and more popular to work from home.  The corporate world isn’t cutting it for most of us. Too many people have worked too hard in a job to only get a small raise with a bigger health risk and less family time. Working for someone else isn’t for everyone. There are so many options available to us if we are motivated enough and can learn a new skill.  I can show you some easy ways to make money from home.

Blogging is not a new concept and it doesn’t have to be.  You can create a website on Wix.com for free and start writing to your hearts content about almost anything.  Do you love food, travel, animals, fashion, jewelry, etc.?  You don’t have to be a great writer either.  Grammerly.com helps with grammatical errors and makes you look better on paper, so to speak.  So, how much can you make?  That all depends on your niche. Most of us bloggers have links and ads imbedded to generate money for us.  Become an expert in your niche and you will profit from it.

Virtual Assistant is a person who can help entrepreneurs with minor business tasks that frees up time for them while putting money in your pocket.  Working as a VA will pay you decently enough on a per diem basis.  You must send a proposal for the job, go through a small interview and receive all the details you need for the project. When the project is complete, you receive the agreed amount. This is for part time and full time. Income will vary.

Tutor kids in your home for a fee.  There are lots of children that are not getting enough 1 on 1 attention in school and fall behind.  Homeschoolers also enlist the help of tutors because it proves beneficial for the student and parent. As a private tutor, you can get between $20-40 an hour.  I’ve met a few retired teachers that tutor kids on the side for spending cash.

If you are looking for something that will bring in a few thousand a week, then big tickets items are worth investigating. Coaches and consultants make six figures. Check out this article on how to make six-figure money from home in 2019.  I don’t mean sports coaches, I mean life coaches, empowerment coaches, health coaches, and speaking coaches. Coaches such as Vanessa Simpkins helps you learn how to make $10k in 30 days. Consultants are people who get paid well to give advice to a group of people such as a financial consultant. 

I realize that these options may not appeal to everyone.  Money is easy to make.  It’s the time and patience that is the frustrating part.  Think about it, everything we currently do and know took time, effort and patience.  We didn’t know how to do anything at first, we learned and practiced. These days, you can learn anything from A to Z online.

Time to make the money

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