Can you feel it? -Self Awareness

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Listen to your instincts


You can create self-awareness and free yourself. Can you feel it?  The energy of others, your own, nature?  Outside influences affect us all, the difference is not all of us realize it. I realized it a few years ago when I decided to pay attention to my anxiety and when it peaked. Come to find out it wasn’t all me, certain people I interact with everyday had a effect on me. Okay so that sounds a little vague, let me clear it up for you. I am a empathic healer, what this means is I can feel other people’s Energies and therefore that helps me know what needs healing in them. Their problems such as anxiety, anger, depression, and other feelings aggravate mine. Ever notice how you react when there is an angry person around? Do you get angry too? Maybe the air feels heavy or dark to you, this is a way of feeling that energy. Does it seem like your mood changed for no reason? You might be more self-aware than you know.

The next time you are sick or in pain, try to locate the area within your body as if you are doing a computer scan. This helps you tune in. Meditation will also help you ground and center. The more attune you are, the better equipped you are when something goes wrong within and help you handle the world out there.  So what does self awareness mean to you?


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