Bring Back Charm Schools



They need to seriously bring back charm schools. Growing up, I thought the idea was silly but I see now it’s necessary. There are some rude freakin people in this world and gross too. It doesn’t hurt or take extra time out of your day to be polite. How you treat others will reflect either positive on you or negative.

If you are in a retail store and you knock over the clothes, pick it up and put it back on the rack. The sales people have a hard enough job, they are not your damn maid. Walking away from you cart and leaving your purse open is stupid, this is how your shit gets stolen.
If there is a long line at the store and you are in a hurry, it is nobody else’s problem or fault but yours. Don’t cut the line, or yell at the cashier, just leave and go home. Manners can mean keeping your damn mouth shut, nobody wants to hear your bullshit. Get off the cell phone. It can wait. Some businesses like hospitals ask you to turn off your cell phone and not to have phone conversations.

Hold the door for someone, say thank you and please, read the damn sign on the door of the store before assuming it’s still open for an hour just for you. Don’t be a douche on the road, I will have a post on that one later. Have a little patience, you are not the only person in the world that needs service in the bank, doctors office, restaurant, mall, boutique etc. Sit the fuck down and shut up instead of getting the crowd riled up, oh and by the way; GROW UP!


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