Bat Shit Crazy Days

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From the minute you wake up (late again) to the time you get to sleep, everything went crazy.  I call them bat shit crazy days.  Most say it’s Murphy’s law, others say it’s the law of attraction, I say whatever, it was still nuts.  The answer is not staying in bed and hiding from the world, get up, look awesome and kick ass.  Handle these days like a ballet, be flexible, be kinder, be cunning and keep your horns on straight.  We handle harder things than this and crazy is all around us.

I’ve had more than enough days of crazy walked in and stayed like an unwanted house guest.  Do not try to make sense of a crazy person, it will make you insane and possible drink more.  Questioning why; can lead to answers you wish you didn’t now have.  Why of all days does the that manager have to here today…stress!  Stress will increase the crazy, like a magnet.  Breathe, ignore, focus and survive.  If you absolutely can and have to, leave the situation and go home.  Nothing wrong with unwinding and washing away the bullshit.

I run a hot bath lit by a solitary candle every night for about an hour, this is my sacred space.  Whether you have a family or not, shut the door, lock it and relax.  I usually watch a documentary or favorite show and zone out.  I can’t just let thing slide off my back, I absorb information and it usually bothers me for awhile.  I have learned that these days will happen but a few things helps stop it before it gets so bad you want to rip your hair out or theirs.

Wake up after getting enough sleep and think “this is going to be a good day” over and over.  Focus only on the positive, not your to-do list.  That list will stress you out and it will snowball.  I have proven this works.  Leave the house a few minutes earlier and cruise to work.  Listen to an audio book or soothing music, the radio annoys me with stupidity.  Keep your mantra in your head and smile throughout the day.  Meditate on breaks even if it’s a bathroom break, no one has to know.  Work relaxed and they day will go much smoother.  I am a Reiki practitioner and in my learning of this healing modality there is a saying that has gotten me through many bat shit crazy days:

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