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Today’s word of the day is Acceptance. Acceptance of self is what I want to focus on with you. Some of us are not happy with who we are, we always wish to be someone else for whatever reason. I was this person for years and years. I wanted to be my sister who I thought had it all, the popular girl in school with the better body, the aunt who is creative and rich, etc. You are a unique person. You can not be them and they cannot be you.

There are people that may want to be you and want what you have. Instead of wanting to be something that you are not, ask yourself what it is about them that you envy. Maybe they have a personality trait that you want to develop within yourself. Are they savvy with money, outspoken, well dressed, etc.? I want you to sit down and think about your strengths. Write them down, then write down your personality traits. For example, I am head strong and emotional.

When you look at the list, ask yourself “ have I always been like this or done this?”. If this is how you have been all of your life, why haven’t you accepted it? This is part of you. It’s ok to be multi-faceted, I am. Your strengths are what you are good at and/or have endured. Maybe some of these can be passions, hobbies or talents.

I recently had a meeting at my daughter’s school in which I sat crying like a baby and apologizing. My husband looked at me with a smile and said “I don’t know why you are apologizing, this is who you are, you are an emotional person”. This helped me accept this part of me. So essentially I was apologizing for being me and there’s no need. Why would you change to make someone like you. Accept yourself and remember that only your opinion matters. You are the only one that has to look you in the mirror everyday.

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2 thoughts on “Acceptance of Self

  1. Great point. Accepting who you are is a major step in ones growth. I have two teenage girls. I don’t ask them to be the best gymnast or the best violinist. I tell them to be the best Kahlan and the best Kendra that they can be. An apple will never make a fine wine, but you might get a mighty tasty pie. . .

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